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A craft beer tap display from our tap room

Howdy! We’re Blacksmith Brewery and Taphouse. We’re lucky enough to call Stevensville, MT home.  We sit right in the heart of the Bitterroot Valley. It’s a little slice of heaven that we’re fortunate to live and work in. We’re surrounded by rivers, mountains, great folks, and really good beer.

Blacksmith’s been around since 2008. Two buddies, Matt and Burke, took over the brewery in 2022 with the goal of keeping a good thing going. We love being the meeting center of our small community. On any given night you’ll find cowboys, realtors, farmers, carpenters, professors, musicians, dirty fishing guides, and folks from out of town sitting at the same table. The beer brings them in, but the community keeps them coming back. We’re proud of that.

But it’s not only beer we offer! We’ve got a full beer and wine license too. You’ll find apple ciders, hard seltzers, kombuchas, and wines on our menu. Also, we’re no longer required to close at 8pm and you aren’t limited to 48 oz. of beer here.

All this to say that you should swing by, drink some beer, and enjoy the good thing we got going on.


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